Casino Workers In Macau Cannot Enter Gaming Floors When Off-Duty

Casino Workers In Macau Cannot Enter Gaming Floors When Off-Duty

Macau is bringing a new law restricting casino workers to be allowed on the gaming floors apart from when they are working. The new law would come into effect from 27, 2019.

Macau’s Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau have already informed the six licensed casino operators in the city about the new restrictions. The new law comes as an amendment to the Gaming Participation Law, which establishes who is allowed on casino floors across the Chinese Special Administrative Region (SAR).

The gaming regulator said it will “continue to promote multi-channel publicity to ensure that gaming workers understand the new law prohibiting entry into the casino, and will also maintain close ties with the industry to jointly promote responsible gambling and better protect the physical and mental health of gaming workers.”

According to the DICJ, the new restrictions will impact 54,000 Macau casino workers, which includes 8,000 junket workers.

Macau is already facing a challenging time in terms of revenue from its casino gambling industry. Analysts have predicted a dry fourth quarter for Macau as far as the revenues from casinos are concerned. According to Morgan Stanley, a financial analytics company, Macau will struggle to post positive revenue growth in any of the three months in the final quarter of the year.

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