Google Makes It Easy For Gambling Operators To Advertise Their Products

Google Makes It Easy For Gambling Operators To Advertise Their Products

Google is going soft on gambling operators these days. According to the latest, the tech giant has updated its ‘gambling and games policy’ which would now allow sports betting ads in the US states of Indiana, Iowa, Montana, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.

Nevada, New Jersey, and West Virginia have already been cleared for limited sports betting adverts following the legalization of sports gambling by the US Supreme Court last year.

As per the updated policy, licensed gambling operators in states allowing sports gambling will now be able to promote their betting products through Google Ads, Google Display Network, YouTube and AdMob but not through Google Ad Manager.

However, the advertisers will have to confirm they are not promoting online casino games or are not targeting minors.

Recently, both Apple and Google removed illegal gambling apps that were listed on the App Store and Google Play respectively. Gambling apps which were disguised as non-gambling products have been banned in the two platforms.

Reports reveal that many of the Asian-facing gambling apps were offering gambling products in disguise as they appeared to be offering wine, weather and travel-related products and were not complying with local government regulations.

Of those removed from iOS App Store and Google Play, some Apps ranked in the top 100 and had been rated over 100,000 times.

Last week, Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) banned gambling operator Casumo’s online gambling advert which offered free spins to people looking to exclude themselves from gambling on google.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) upheld a complaint that said that when he searched on google “How to unsubscribe from all gambling,” what appeared was the Casumo advert promoting the free spin and its gambling app.

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