Kyushu Association Of Mayors Support Casino Project In Nagasaki

Kyushu Association Of Mayors Support Casino Project In Nagasaki

As the Nagasaki prefecture has already jumped into the race for hosting a casino in Japan, the good news is that the Kyushu Association of Mayors in Sasebo, Nagasaki has a positive view of the new development.

In a recent meeting, Mayor Norio Tomonaga said that the casino resort would contribute to the economy of the city.
According to the reports, Sasebo Mayor Tomonaga also offered a video presentation on the final day which gave a detailed examination of the construction and the benefits that the project would bring to the local community.

“We are much further along in preparations than other regions. Please continue to support this bid,” said Tomanoga.

While there are several gambling operators from across the globe preparing to have a casino license in Japan, the competition amongst Japanese cities to host a casino is also fierce.

There are eight areas contending to host a casino resort and they are are Hokkaido, the city of Chiba, Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, a combined effort by Osaka Prefecture and the city of Osaka, Wakayama Prefecture and Nagasaki Prefecture.

Japan’s casino market would be the world’s third-largest in the world according to the analysts at Sanford C. Bernstein. The Japanese casino gambling industry is expected to generate $8 billion in gross gaming revenues annually. As such, it would be the third-largest casino gambling market globally, slightly smaller than the Nevada casino market which grossed about $11 billion in revenue in 2018.

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