UK Gambling Commission Says Pubs Inefficient In Stopping Underage Fruit Machine Gambling

UK Gambling Commission Says Pubs Inefficient In Stopping Underage Fruit Machine Gambling

The UK Gambling Commission has asked pubs in the country to make sure that they are doing enough to prevent underage and minors from betting on fruit machines which come under Category C gaming machines.

The gambling regulator made the call after a study found that about 84 percent of the pubs in the country have failed to stop underage from gambling.

According to the existing regulations, anyone under the age of 18 is not permitted to play these so-called ‘fruit machines’ in pubs. Moreover, it is the responsibility of the staff and pub managers to ensure that minors are not allowed on such gambling machines.

But, in a recent review which includes a 12-month study of such gambling practices, the gambling commission found that the majority of the pubs in the UK did not comply with the rules.

Gambling among children in the UK has been increasing. According to a recent study, the number of underage minors at the risk of gambling addiction has increased by 400 percent in the past two years.

“The pub industry must accelerate action to enforce these rules,” GC program director Helen Rhodes said. “Pubs must take age verification on machines as seriously as they do for alcohol sales, and they risk losing their entitlement to offer machines if they do not.

“The results last year were extremely disappointing and we have supported local authorities in their action to raise standards. This includes working with the providers of training to the pub industry to emphasize the legal requirements in training materials, as well as with the Home Office to work towards including materials on gambling in pubs in the curriculum for the personal license holder course.

“We urge the pub sector to respond to this opportunity to protect children and young people and to prevent the need for local authorities to take enforcement action.”

3 comments on "UK Gambling Commission Says Pubs Inefficient In Stopping Underage Fruit Machine Gambling"

  1. Chris on

    Thanks for the links but still have to say it’s pish. The first link says 88% of pubs, pubs where? How many pubs? Second article says 67 pubs checked was it? Laughable, there are 15 pubs in a small town where I live.

    If this was a rough area of England where it was carried out and it’s heavy with pubs it could give very mixed results, and to top it off it’s a link to the guardian, couldn’t get a more anti gambling newspaper than that piece of trash.

    If the do gooders honestly think that is the biggest issue facing this country how wrong could they be, should be cracking down on alcohol consumption that wreaks havoc on the NHS and police service, as well as sorting out the huge problem with kids being obese.

    And really those useless links should have been in the article, drip feeding the dozy public so they quote stats that are completely wrong!

  2. Chris on

    A study found 84 percent of pubs in the country? So every pub in the country? Lazy reporting and typical UKGC, if you’re going to make a claim such as this back it up with stats, they could have asked 10 pubs for all we know! What area of the country? Very very poor article.


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