Former Wynn Resorts’ Vegas Casino Employee Sues The Company For Spying

Former Wynn Resorts' Vegas Casino Employee Sues The Company For Spying

A former Wynn Resorts employee has filed a lawsuit against the casino and hospitality giant alleging that the company was spying on him after allegations of sexual misconduct against the former Wynn CEO Steve Wynn.

The lawsuit filed by Jorge Nielsen, former artistic director for the Wynn Las Vegas salon has named several current and former Wynn executives as defendants in his lawsuit, filed in a Nevada state court, reports the Wall Street Journal. They include Chief Executive Officer Matt Maddox, former General Counsel Kimmarie Sinatra and a former executive vice president in charge of corporate security, James Stern.

The company in its response has said that it didn’t authorize any inappropriate surveillance activity.

Last month, a massage therapist at Wynn Las Vegas filed a lawsuit against former Wynn Resorts Ceo, Steve Wynn alleging mental abuse by creating a hostile environment where women were discouraged to protest or complain against sexual harassment they would face.

The lawsuit also alleges former Wynn Las Vegas President Maurice Wooden to be complicit with its former CEO Steve Wynn.

Earlier this week, the Nevada Gaming Board filed a complaint demanding Steve Wynn to be banned from the industry. In its 23-page complaint, the gaming board said that Wynn is “unsuitable to be associated with a gaming enterprise or the gaming industry as a whole.”

The premises upon which the gaming board’s complaint rests are the multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against the former CEO which have been found to be covered up by the company.

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