Leaking Ceiling At Encore Boston Harbor Casino Forces Evacuation

Leaking Ceiling At Encore Boston Harbor Casino Forces Evacuation

Just within months of its opening, the ceiling at Wynn’s Encore Boston Harbor Casino had to be evacuated as its ceiling started to leak and water poured from above.

A video has surfaced showing the leak and it can be seen that from inside one of the poker rooms at the gambling facility water poured out of the ceiling onto the tables below.

According to eyewitnesses the ceiling in the poker room suddenly started to leak and the water came pouring down on the table. He also said that it was so bad that the water had risen up to his ankles.

The casino officials did a fast evacuation and shifted the patrons. A spokesperson for the casino confirmed there was a leak in the poker room that has been isolated.

“There has been no impact on any other part of the building,” the casino said.

It is still not known as to what caused the leak. It is yet to be confirmed by the casino officials the reason for the leak.

Earlier this week, in a statement issued on Wednesday, Wynn Resorts which owns and operates the Encore Boston Harbor Casino resort confirmed the departure of the President of the property, Robert DeSalvio. He had been working on the project for nearly five years.

Outgoing, DeSalvio’s position will be taken by Brian Gullbrants. Gulbrants has been the former leader of hotel, food and beverage operations at Encore.

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