No More £10 Scratchcards From National Lottery Operator Camelot Group

No More £10 Scratchcards From National Lottery operator Camelot Group

Camelot Group is pulling all £10 scratchcards from the UK market, the national lottery operator confirmed in a media briefing during the weekend.

While the lottery operator has said that it has already notified its UK retail partners to withdraw all £10 scratchcards from their displays, the players will have 180 days to claim all prizes.

The move to terminate all £10 scratchcards from the UK market comes after the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) branded £10 scratchcards as ‘not consistent with being a leisure activity.’

“After careful consideration of new evidence both the Commission and the Licensee agreed that all scratchcards at the £10 price point should be removed from sale until we are satisfied that the risks posed to our duties are mitigated” – the UKGC detailed in a statement.

Gambling addiction amongst children has been on the rise in the UK and therefore UKGC is introducing measures at times very uncomfortable for gambling operators. A recent study found that the number of children at the risk of gambling addiction in the UK has grown by over 400 percent in the past two years.

Camelot in its statement explained: “As part of the ongoing work we carry out to ensure all of our players can play in a healthy and enjoyable way, we became aware that, unlike any of our other scratchcards, these particular games over-indexed among problem gamblers”.

“So, in keeping with that commitment, we decided to stop selling these particular scratchcards and instructed our retailers to remove all tickets from sale. We believe this was the right thing to do to help protect the very small minority of players concerned.”

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