Casino Resorts In Gambling Hub Macau Plagued With Several Illegal Prostitution Rings

Casino Resorts In Gambling Hub Macau Plagued With Several Illegal Prostitution Rings

Multiple illegal prostitution rings are operational in the so-called ‘Mecca of Gambling.’ South China Morning Post reports that not only the casino executives but also the local authorities are indifferent to the prostitution rings operating from casino resorts.

The Hong Kong newspaper reports that several nightclub workers at Macau’s casino resorts indulge in prostitution and offer sex services for money. It is reported that these sex-trade take place inside properties operated by Galaxy Entertainment Group and Emperor Entertainment Group, were also said to involve female pimps, known as “mamasans”.

While individual prostitution is legal in Macau, profiting from organized prostitution is strictly prohibited.
The investigative report from the SCMP mentions visiting nightclubs inside Galaxy Macau and Star World Hotel, both operated by Galaxy Entertainment Group. The report says that at these venues customers would pay up to HKD6,800 for sexual services.

Macau is infamous for human trafficking and the report only highlights the thriving organized sex trade in the city.

The SCMP quotes a veteran police officer in Macau saying that exploitation of young women is rife in the prostitution market, even as “there is money to be made by the girls that they could never hope to make in their poverty-stricken home provinces and countries.”

“A cynic may argue that they know what they are getting into and do so with their eyes wide open. But these girls are clearly vulnerable economically and once they get here are strictly controlled and monitored by mamasans with connections to the underworld.”

“It is also known that the management of the nightclubs where they work takes a significant cut of the fee customers are charged to take the girls out for sex. This is a crime in Macau but often – apart from the occasional sweep to expel illegal workers to make it look like something is being done – an official blind eye is turned to what is actually going on.”

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