Slot Tips: 5 Best Tips To Improve Your Chances

Slot Tips: 5 Best Tips To Improve Your Chances

Slots might be the casino game that offers the least amount of advantage to the player, but experienced gamers will say otherwise both online and offline. There are numerous tips and hacks a player can develop to enhance winnings.

Selecting the slot game

On a physical casino you can select slots based on the location. Flashy big machines near the main isle and easy to spot locations are there for a reason. They are the money makers for casino. The marketer that detect an online slot is producing some good numbers will try to reap its benefits by making it more accessible. So take the opposite direction and focus on shadows. Slots hidden away in a corner are your best shot.

Pay attention to RTP

RTP means Return to Player. Some locations by law demand that all slot games publicly state the RTP. This number will be a percentage from 1% to 100%, and online slots will usually range between 95% to 100%. So an RTP of 97% means that the casino tends to stay with 3% of all the money inserted into the machine.

Of course, every player has a different experience and some might leave with zero while others multiply their winnings: but the casino will stay with 3% overall after thousands of plays. RTP is established by independent firms that evaluate the casino’s fairness.

Always try to play slot machines with lower than 98% RTP. These are some of the top 10 best online slots games based on RTP:

  • Jack Hammer 2 – 97.10%
  • Simsalabim – 97.50%
  • Retro Reels Extreme Heat – 97.50%
  • Devil’s Delight – 97.60%
  • Kings of Chicago – 97.80%
  • Starmania – 97.87%
  • Blood Suckers – 98%
  • 1429 Uncharted Seas – 98.60%
  • Jackpot 6000 – 98.90%
  • Mega Joker – 99%

Take advantage of Free Spins

It is your decision or not to take advantage of the various promotions and bonuses a casino hands out. Just remember that if you do, there is rollover requirement with a time limit. You must play hard and fast if you are planning of cashing-out any profits from a bonus.

There will also be a limit on the maximum amount you can withdraw, so don’t get too excited. Bonuses are there to test the games, not to steal from the casino’s generosity.

Free spins are also a common feature on many new online slots. These bonus rounds are the key to making a lot of money from slots. To ensure you hit them. Make the maximum bet always. Some of the best bonus features like jackpots do not trigger if you don’t have the maximum bet in place.

Bankroll management

A key factor with gambling, investing and finances in general. If you don’t properly determine the way you spend your money, it will be a fast way down to loosing all your money. In fact, most of the success at casino games comes from proper money management.

A bankroll is the budget you have to play at a given time at the casino. Determine he maximum amount you can spent for each spin, it should be between 2% to 5% of your entire bankroll. Try to stick to the same betting amount and number of lines so statistics play in your favor. The goal is to trigger a bonus and recover any losses and go beyond your starting amount.

If need be reduce the amount of the bet so you can play as many lines as possible.

Comps and Loyalty Programs

Designed to keep you coming and betting, loyalty programs play to your advantage when you are having a great time and controlling losses while enjoying wins. Loyal players that stick around receive free food, drinks and free rooms.

Even luxury upgrades! Loyalty card holders can also enjoy discounts on numerous places associated with the casino. So even if you lose some money at the casino, sometimes the free meal makes up for it.

Hot and cold machines, myth or real?

Hot machines are those that have not delivered a big win in a while. Players tend to stick around the casino floor observing the game play from others. When they retire from a slot game that hasn’t hit for a while, there’s a good chance it will begin spitting coins any moment soon.

This is mostly a myth thought, the odds of a slot game reset on every single play. You are better off selecting a slot game you feel comfortable with.

One final word of advice. Retire when you are winning. Take aside your initial investment and play only with the earnings. Decide if you wish to play until that is depleted or store a percentage with every win. Don’t play this money again.

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