Crown Resorts’ Chairman John Alexander Calls Allegations Of Money Laundering Foul Play

Crown Resorts’ Chairman John Alexander Calls Allegations Of Money Laundering Foul Play

Australian casino giant Crown Resorts has been facing investigations over allegations of money laundering and facilitating Visas for high rollers.

The casino operator has also been embroiled in controversies and reports have emerged claiming that the casino had been facilitating visits for Asian mafias including those from China and Indonesia. However, the casino operator has denied the allegations and has termed it a ‘deceitful campaign.’

Speaking at a recent Crown shareholder’s general meeting the company’s chairman, John Alexander, said: “There have been a number of sensationalist and unproven claims made, with many focused on allegations from over five years ago. Let me be clear, Crown does not tolerate any illegal activity by its employees or its patrons.”

He added, “Crown has no interest in being used by those who seek to do the wrong thing … I do acknowledge that these sensationalist allegations have raised some concerns amongst our stakeholders … I can personally assure you we are taking these matters seriously.”

Earlier this month, a whistleblower released footage through the ABC News showing a man unloading hundreds of thousands of dollars in a room that was reportedly reserved for high-roller customers at the gambling facility.

The footage aired by ABC was shot on Crown Casino’s security cameras. The footage shows a man (still not identified) handling piles of cash (Australian dollars) in a special room at the facility which was allotted to junket operator Suncity.

The man can be seen pulling the money out from a freezer shopping bag and exchanging it for high-value casino chips.

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