Illegal Casino Busted In Trinity

Illegal Casino Busted In Trinity

Acting on complaints received claiming illegal gambling operations at Total Skill Business Center, 8931 Hillsville Road, Trinity, the police conducted a raid and busted an illegal casino.

The Law Enforcement had received the complaint back in August but it was on Thursday that it conducted a raid and dismantled illegal gambling operations that were being carried out under the guise of business.

“It is a crime to gamble and these locations often attract drugs, prostitution, and other illegal activity,” Sheriff Greg Seabolt said. “Establishments operating illegal gaming machines will not be tolerated in Randolph County.”

Undercover operations at the casino, allowed the police to seize the illegal gaming machines were operating.

ALE Special Agent in Charge Chris Poole, head of the State’s ALE Gaming Section, explained: “Prizes may be awarded for games which involve skill, dexterity, and problem solving, such as Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and Frogger.”

“They advertise false hopes of winning huge amounts of money by playing ‘skill’ games, but the amount of money won on a machine has already been determined before the customer ever sits down to play.

“The State has gambling laws in place to protect the public.”

While the investigations are ongoing, no arrests have been made so far.

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