Rockford Officially Submits Hard Rock’s Casino Proposal To Illinois Gaming Board

Rockford Officially Submits Hard Rock’s Casino Proposal To Illinois Gaming Board

Hard Rock’s casino proposal has been officially submitted by the Rockford City Council to Illinois Gaming Board. This Saturday was the deadline to submit the shortlisted proposal for consideration and award of a license to the state’s gambling regulator.

While the city of Rockford had received three proposals for a prospective casino the city council recommended Hard Rock International’s proposal to the Illinois Gambling Board.

Rockford received three casino proposals in late August, but the Hard Rock Casino was the only one selected by the city council.

What gave Hard Rock an edge and melted the city officials in favor of the gambling operator is the promise of a $7-million minimum payment in gaming taxes to Rockford authorities, which Hard Rock made clearly in its proposal.

Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara said that he was excited as the city council forwards Hard Rock’s proposal.

“I can tell you our proposal is in, and my understanding is that we’re the first proposal to be in in the entire state,” says McNamara. “We are excited, there will be a celebration on Monday, and I hope we see a lot of Rockfordians out to show their support of this as we continue to move through the process.”

Earlier in the year in June, Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed a massive gambling expansion law allowing for casinos at six different locations in the state including Rockford.

The Illinois Gaming Board has 12 months to review the proposal and grant a license.

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