Vegas Cannery Hotel & Casino Witnesses Two Shocking Events The Same Day

Vegas Cannery Hotel & Casino Witnesses Two Shocking Events The Same Day

Two shockingly terrifying accidents took place at Cannery Casino and Hotel Friday. The two events have left casino enthusiasts and regulars shocked as they wonder how safe are casinos in Las Vegas.

Earlier in the day, women rammed with a van on the front gate of the casino. A custodian in the path is reported to have suffered injuries. While the condition of the victim is stable he suffers critical injuries.

The police confirmed 53-year-old Jennifer Stitt as the perpetrator driving the vehicle. The police also said that she rammed into the front door intentionally and her action was a gesture of revenge for being humiliated when she was kicked out of the casino night before.

Talking to local news, former police Lieutenant Randy Sutton said: “You have to balance the security concerns with your business aspects.”

“There is an effort in many cases to create a barrier that is attractive and that is also protective,” Sutton explained. “You can see that in a lot of the newer designs.”

“My best advice is called situational awareness,” Sutton advised. “It’s being aware of your surroundings and making a plan.”

Stitt is behind bars, facing an attempted murder charge.

Later in the day, smoke was seen coming out of the property. It was a minor fire that was soon overpowered and there have been no reports of injuries.

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