Crown Casino Employees To Go On A Strike On Friday Night

Crown Casino Employees To Go On A Strike On Friday Night

Fresh trouble for Australia’s crown resort as it is to face industrial action by labor union United Voice. Bartenders and card dealers at the casino operator’s Melbourne property have announced to walk away from their jobs for two hours on Friday night.

The union members voted for industrial action following negotiation failure over a new wage deal. This would be the first industrial action at the casino in 16 years.

While the negotiations between the management and the staff is going on for the past six months, there has been no agreement as such.

The union demands job security for employees as it claims that over 70 percent of the employees at the casino are not full-time employees and have little to no job security.

Speaking to The Sydney Morning Herald, a Crown casino spokesperson said: “We provide a flexible workplace which caters to thousands of staff who prefer to work on a part-time or casual basis.

“Where staff would like to work additional hours, we strive to provide them with the opportunity to increase their hours.”

According to the labor group United Voice, over 50 percent of Crown’s employees would be participating in the strikes.

Crown Resorts has been facing allegations of money laundering and facilitating fast-track visas for its Chinese high-rollers.

Last week, speaking at a recent Crown shareholder’s general meeting the company’s chairman, John Alexander, said: “There have been a number of sensationalist and unproven claims made, with many focused on allegations from over five years ago. Let me be clear, Crown does not tolerate any illegal activity by its employees or its patrons.”

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