The Cosmopolitan Sues Sharks Forward Evander Kane For 500K

The Cosmopolitan Sues Sharks Forward Evander Kane For 500K

Las Vegas strip casino and hotel The Cosmopolitan has sued Sharks forward Evander Kane for $500,000.

According to the court documents obtained by the media outlets, the casino operator filed a lawsuit against Kane as he failed to pay back gambling markers, which are lines of credit that allow high-level gambling patrons easy access to large sums of cash.

According to the lawsuit, around April 15, Kane got himself about eight markers between $20,000 and $100,000. The casino alleged that the patron has yet not paid even a single one of those and therefore the non-payment amounts to a breach of contract.

The casino is also demanding that Kanes pay legal costs.

Earlier in the year, the Cosmopolitan was in the news when rapper Meek Mill said that he would sue the casino for discriminations and being racist.

In his statement the rapper had said that “Cosmopolitan hotel/casino going to extreme racist levels to keep too many black entertainers and black people …. they said they gone lock me up.. I’m like for what I’ve been once to a party with [Jay-Z] ….. Some of these casinos have a bunch of [tactics] to keep the level of blacks down …. but love to take our money!!!! This happens to a lot of black entertainers not just me either!! I felt crazy being put out by these white men for no reason!”

Eventually, the casino apologized over not allowing the US rapper Meek Mill to enter their premises.

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