Australian ISPs To Block All Illegal Offshore Gambling Websites

Australian ISPs To Block All Illegal Offshore Gambling Websites

Australian Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are ordered to block all illegal online gambling websites catering to the locals. The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has confirmed that all illegal overseas gambling websites should be blocked by domestic internet service providers.

Illegal online gambling websites had been exploiting the vulnerable and there have been several cases of customers refused their winnings.

According to Brisbane Times, online sites such as Emu Casino and FairGo Casino, which operate out of the small Caribbean island nation of Curacao and are deliberately branded to appeal to an Australian market, will be among the first to be blocked.

It is also reported that over 65 illegal companies have pulled out of the Australian market since 2017 when the ACMA started enforcing new illegal offshore gambling rules.

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, Federal Communications Minister Paul Fletcher said: “Too often these offshore operators are defrauding Australians – and their websites typically provide very few – if any – harm minimization controls.”

“We have been targeting illegal gambling services we know are active in the Australian market through complaints received and monitoring. But we expect that list of sites will grow as we investigate more,” said ACMA chair Nerida O’Loughlin.

“The ability to have ISPs block illegal websites will be a valuable additional weapon in the ACMA’s arsenal in the fight against illegal online gambling.”

The ACMA has also urged the Australian public to withdraw their money from the unlicensed online gambling operator’s wallets.

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