Delaware Monthly Online Gambling Revenue Hits Lowest For The Year

Delaware Monthly Online Gambling Revenue Hits Lowest For The Year

Delaware’s online gambling revenue shrunk and it hit its lowest last month. For the month of October, Delaware’s online gambling revenue fell to $246,092. The figures represent the lowest monthly total of the state in 2019 so far.

The drop in revenue has been attributed to a steep month-on-month decline in revenue at Dover Downs casino.

Earlier in September, the state had grossed $384,830 which was also the highest in the year. While the customer spending on online gambling in October was $9.4 million, it was $11.8 million in September.

The major contributor to the revenue was Video Lottery which chipped in $184,224 of the total.

Table games contributed $40,428, while Poker rake and fee revenue were $21,439.

Total player winnings were reported $9.6m, including $6.4m from table games and $3.2m from video lottery.

The online gambling industry in Delaware had its best month of the year in September. The online gambling market posted record revenue of $384,830 (£304,563/€349,161) in September.

The increase in revenue came despite a decline in consumer spending on a month-on-month basis. Before September, Delaware’s online gambling market had grossed the highest revenue back in May. In May Delaware casinos posted a total revenue of $313,648. Moreover, since May it is September was just the second month the online gambling revenues crossed the $300,000

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