Chicago Mayor Struggles To Get An Investor For The Casino

Chicago Mayor Struggles To Get An Investor For The Casino

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has been struggling to get an investor for a new casino and an additional source of tax revenue for the city.

It all started after analysts said that Chicago casino would not be a profitable venture and then a feasibility report submitted by Union Gaming – hired by the state – confirmed negative and blamed it all on the tax structure proposed in the gambling expansion bill signed by Gov. J.B. Pritzker earlier this year.

While Mayor Lori Lightfoot landed in the capital, Springfield Illinois, seeking a change in the tax structure, she returned with an empty quiver with no targets hit.

“We’ve got our work to do, but I feel like, particularly over the course of the last three-plus weeks that we’ve been working literally every single day on this, that we’ve made significant progress.

Now, whether that progress turns into enough votes to get it passed out, that remains to be seen, but we’re certainly working very hard on that, along with others, to identify and address any lingering concerns,” she explained.

“We think they should be looking downtown,” said Representative Will Davis.

“They didn’t look downtown. They didn’t look anywhere between McCormick Place and Navy Pier. If Chicago touts itself as a tourist city, if that’s where all the tourists are, why would we not want to put that kind of facility in that box?”

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