BetBlocker Approved As A Charity In UK

BetBlocker Approved As A Charity In UK

BetBlocker is very proud to announce that the OSCR (the Scottish Charity Register) has approved BetBlocker as a charitable organisation.

BetBlocker is a free Responsible Gambling app that users can install on their internet capable devices. The user selects the length of the exclusion that they want to enforce and once activated BetBlocker will automatically restricted their device from accessing over 6.7k online gambling operators, with more sites added every day. BetBlocker provides a natural extension of regulatory based self-exclusion programs, ensuring that a player’s decision to exclude themselves is carried over to other licenses and even gambling operators that choose to run in an unlicensed fashion.

The BetBlocker project was founded by online dispute resolution service in an effort to provide support to players who were experiencing issues controlling their gambling.

Duncan Garvie, Manager of had this to say about this recent development in the BetBlocker service:

“BetBlocker has been the single best project that we at have ever worked on. Our complaints service has returned millions to players, but the uptake of BetBlocker has exceeded anything that we could ever have envisioned. BetBlocker was started as a way to help vulnerable players who came to our site, but with thousands of active users already the appeal of this service has clearly expanded far beyond the readership of ThePOGG.

As time has passed it has become self-evident that BetBlocker has outgrown us. With 40k downloads across the various platforms we offer the app on and thousands of people actively using the app continued growth at this rate would be unsustainable for To reach its full potential BetBlocker has to become an organisation in its own right.

The core intent behind BetBlocker has always been charitable in nature – those experiencing addiction help free of charge – so to move forward it was keeping with the founding principles of the project to look to registering as a charity rather than trying to commercialise the service and charge users. Gambling addicts all have one thing in common – they are cash poor. Price barriers to this type of service would ensure that those that need the help the most are excluded. This is totally contrary to the values of the BetBlocker initiative. is deeply proud to have seen BetBlocker gain such success but sometimes to allow something you love to grow you have to let it go.

The BetBlocker team will engage with other parties in the industry who prioritise Responsible Gambling in an effort to ensure that this project can be sustained for years to come. We hope that many groups within the industry will see the opportunities available here to make a clear commitment to protecting vulnerable players by working with BetBlocker to ensure this service offers the most robust possible protections it can.

We will accept donations form players where if they feel that they want to contribute, but the best action players (and everyone else reading this) can take to help the BetBlocker project is to contribute to us via the Amazon Smile program. This program allows Amazon users to donate to BetBlocker every time they make a purchase through Amazon. The donation is made by Amazon themselves, so does not cost the customer anything. All these small donations add up and we have no doubt that the support of the player community will make a noticeable difference in the service that BetBlocker can offer.”

If you are interested in making a donation to BetBlocker please email

To support BetBlocker via Amazon Smile: (

If you are a gambling operator and would like to learn more about BetBlocker or are considering building it into your Responsible Gambling information/policies you can email for further information.

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