Czech Government To Launch A Gambling Exclusion Register Next Year

Czech Government To Launch A Gambling Exclusion Register Next Year

Amidst increasing cases of gambling addiction, Alena Schillerová, Finance minister of the Czech Republic, confirmed that the government would launch a gambling exclusion mechanism.

The new mechanism would involve allowing for both voluntary and involuntary exclusion as the government aims at blocking certain gamblers who are facing compulsive gambling issues.

The individuals on the block-list will not be able to gamble both online and offline. The users who have been declared bankrupt, are on welfare, or have been treated for gambling addiction will all be added to the list.

“We will publish documentation at the turn of this year and begin testing so that this register is operational in mid-2020,” Schillerová said.

“Currently, all indicators of online gambling are growing. The proportion of online players is increasing, and sports betting is the biggest problem. Young men are particularly at risk of developing problems.

This is what our next steps are targeting. It’s not a matter of deleting new technologies from life. Instead, we’re looking to find a balance for their use,” Jarmila Vedralová, National Drug Policy Coordinator in the Czech Republic said.

Earlier in the year, Czech Finance Minister Alena Schiller, who comes from the country’s popular ANO party, called for an increase in tax on all vices including lotteries, gambling, and sports betting.

The tax hike was announced also for alcohol and tobacco, and it is expected that the revised increased taxation will come into effect from 2020.

The minister cited an increase in the average salary and purchasing power of the citizens to advocate an increase in taxes.

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