Ukrainians Not In Favor Of Legalizing Gambling:Survey

Ukrainians Not In Favor Of Legalizing Gambling:Survey

While Ukraine is inching towards legalizing casino gambling, a recent survey finds that Ukrainians are not in favor of gambling legalization.

According to the survey, conducted by the Rating Group, 58 percent of the Ukrainians said that they would not favor gambling legalization under any circumstances. However, about 48 percent said that they are fine with the classic numerical lotteries.

Expert Ihor Halytsky charged on the government’s draft bill and said that they are aiming at restricting classical lottery while promoting other forms of gambling.

“Operators of numerical lotteries are already subject to 30% income tax, while they work legally and pay all taxes and fees. At the same time, illegal sites are, in principle, prohibited by law, but they supposedly may operate throughout the transitional period, even more so, for a minimal fee,” Halytsky said at a roundtable discussion organized by Ukrainian Institute for the Future.

Recently, Ukraine’s parliament released the full text of the draft gambling bill. The new draft bill calls for legalizing igaming, online betting, online poker, and retail bookmaking.

To begin with, Ukraine will allow 10 online casino licenses, 10 online betting licenses, and five online poker licenses. On top of these, 80 retail bookmaker licenses will be issued.

There will be 20 casino licenses available only to five-star hotels. The hotels seeking to host a casino should have a minimum of 200 rooms if located in the capital city of Kiev and 150 rooms if it is in any other city.

The draft state budget for 2020 expects to raise UAH 3 billion in revenues from the sale of gambling licenses.
The state budget also allocates nearly 70 percent of the proceeds from the sale of the license (UAH 2 billion) to fund educational programs in the country.

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