UK Labour Party Commits To A New Gambling Act In Its election Manifesto

UK Labour Party Commits To A New Gambling Act In Its election Manifesto

UK’s Labour party which has been very much in favour of revised and stricter gambling laws in the country has promised in its election manifesto to treat problem gambling as a public health issue and formulate a new gambling act “fit for the digital wage”.

As the country goes into a poll on December 12 gambling laws and gambling addictions have been addressed by almost all contending parties.

The Labour party had pledged in its manifesto to replace the 2005 gambling act which was brought upon by the previous Labour government.

“We will address drug-related deaths, alcohol-related health problems and the adverse impacts of gambling as matters of public health, treated accordingly in expanded addiction support services,” the Labour Party said in its manifesto.

“We will require one-third of boards to be reserved for elected worker-directors and give them more control over executive pay – because when those who depend on a company have a say in running it, that company generally does better and lasts longer,” Labour said.

“We will introduce a broader ‘public interest test’ to prevent hostile takeovers and asset-stripping weakening our industrial base and destroying treasured home-grown companies. And we will give workers a voice on public bodies such as the Competition and Markets Authority.

“We will give workers a stake in the companies they work for – and a share of the profits they help create – by requiring large companies to set up Inclusive Ownership Funds (IOFs). Up to 10% of a company will be owned collectively by employees, with dividend payments distributed equally among all, capped at £500 a year, and the rest being used to top up the Climate Apprenticeship Fund. The cap will rise to ensure that no more than 25% of dividends raised by IOFs are redistributed in this way.”

On the other hand, UK’s Liberal Democrats have called for a ban on gambling with credit cards and have expressed their concerns about the increasing cases of gambling addiction and problem gambling in the country.

The party seeks to restrict the use of credit cards at retail betting shops and also on online gambling sites. They have also called for making it illegal for operators to accept payments through credit cards on their platform.

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