Malaysia: Police Arrests 680 Chinese Nationals Busting An Overseas Online Gambling Scam

Malaysia: Police Arrests 680 Chinese Nationals Busting An Overseas Online Gambling Scam

Malaysian Immigration Department busted a massive foreign online gambling ring arresting 680 China nationals in a raid at a building in Cyberjaya.

As the police broke into the building, about 100 members managed to escape putting up a fight with the immigration officers. The raiding party had 150 officers who got in the building at 11 am and arrested 603 men and 77 women aged between 19 and 35.

Immigration Department Director-General Datuk Khairul Dzaimee Daud confirmed that the illegal online gambling syndicate had its roots in China and was operating from the past six months in the guise of a call center.

The office was very secure with private security guards and security cameras installed at the venue. The access for workers to the center was only possible with an access card.

The officers seized 8,230 cellphones, 174 portable computers, and 787 computers at the center.

“When we arrived at the place and the raid was in progress, the foreigners began provoking the raiding party and became aggressive. We cordoned them but about 100 of them managed to break free and escaped on foot.

“However, with the assistance of our counterparts from Selangor and KL, we managed to contain the situation. Several of those we arrested were also injured as a result of putting up a struggle during arrest.

“We are also trying to track down remnants of the syndicate and are ascertaining the masterminds behind it,” he added.

The majority of those arrested did not possess their passports and had entered Malaysia with social visit passes. Several also have their pass expired.

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