New Bill Calls For Legalizing Sports Betting In Florida

New Bill Calls For Legalizing Sports Betting In Florida

A bill proposed by Sen. Jeff Brandes of St. Pete would make that and potentially other methods of sports gambling legal in Florida.

Soon sports betting could become legal in Florida. A new bill has been proposed by Senator Jeff Brandes of St. Pete.

The bill calls for legalizing sports gambling and is expected to curb illegal gambling in the state and also provide additional tax revenue.

“There’s a $150 billion illicit market today. We’re just trying to take it out of the shows and bring it into the sunshine,” Sen. Brandes said.

“There’s nothing that would prevent any of the professional sports teams from applying and having a portion of their venue be dedicated towards self-service kiosks, even while the game is in progress,” Brandes said.

The bill allows for both in-person and mobile sports betting. The tax revenue from the proceeds of the license and sports gambling tax would go towards funding education programs in the state.

“We know the governor has made this huge push for higher teacher salaries,” Brandes said. “We are trying to keep down the cost of tuition for our great public universities. Everything we’re going here helps towards those missions.”

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