Swedish Court Says Full-screen Pop-up Ads Illegal

Swedish Court Says Full-screen Pop-up Ads Illegal

Ruling that Ninja Casino’s full-screen pop-up ads are in contravention of the legal requirement for “moderation” in gambling advertising the Swedish Patent and Market Court went in favor of the country’s Consumer Ombudsman.

While it doesn’t mean much for Ninja casino and its operator Global Gaming which had its license suspended by the gambling regulator – and all subsequent appeals against the decision failed – it will impact the gambling advertising industry in the country.

Sweden’s Consumer Ombudsman had received multiple complaints against the advert. In the court, the Ombudsman said that the advert in question was in breach of Section 47 of the Swedish Gaming Act which states: “when marketing [gambling products] to consumers, moderation must be observed.”

“Claims about quick payments and the ease of use could lead to consumers making unwise decisions on starting or continuing to gamble,” it explained.

“The requirement of moderation is directed at the content of the marketing and the ad’s design, not how it is technically presented.”

Earlier in the year, the Swedish gambling regulator suspended Global Gaming’s license which operates Ninja Casino in the country through its subsidiary Safent, with immediate effect.

The decision to cease operations and suspend the license for Ninja Casino came after the gambling regulator found significant deficiencies and drawbacks in the company’s operations. As per the reports, the gambling regulator found that the company was not ensuring the compliance guidelines and was also lax on implementing anti-money-laundering measures.

Penalizing SafeEnt for violating a number of regulations pertaining to consumer protection, the Swedish authority explicitly mentioned that there were violations of ‘duty of care’ procedures and that a number of customers have played beyond ‘their deposit limits’.

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