Macau Casino In Washington To Pay $1.25 Million As Investigation Costs

Macau Casino In Washington To Pay $1.25 Million As Investigation Costs

Macau Casino, in Washington State, has considered paying a whopping $1.25 million as costs incurred n investigation by the state gambling regulator, Washington State Gambling Commission’s (WSGC).

The investigations were launched against the gambling facility after allegations of money-laundering and loansharking. As the regulator found the casino to be lax in implementing certain measures, it decided to penalize the casino by sanctioning it to pay the cost of the investigation.

The investigation of Macau Casino Tukwila and Macau Casino Lakewood was first commissioned in 2016.

Commenting on the fine, Dave Trujillo, the director of the WSGC, said: “This penalty sends a message to those involved in the investigation, as well as others in the industry. We will take the necessary steps to keep the criminal element out of licensed gambling facilities.”

The casino has been restricted from indulging in any gambling activity in Washington state. While seven employees have had their licenses scrapped, the gamblign regulator has warned that fourn more could lose their licenses.

Earlier in the year,D.C. government officials lowered their expectations from the newly regulated sports gambling market.

The officials have lowered their revenue expectations from sports gambling in the next fifteen months by nearly $16 million,

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