UK Elections: Scottish National Party (SNP) Promises Public Inquiry Into Gambling Harms

UK Elections: Scottish National Party (SNP) Promises Public Inquiry Into Gambling Harms

The Scottish National Party (SNP) has released its election manifesto and promised a public inquiry into Gmabling harms.

The party in its manifesto has pledged to demand that problem gambling be treated as a public health matter. It has also called for new regulatory measures to protect children from gambling-related harms.

In its manifesto SNP promises to appoint a new independent online regulator. The regulator would be tasked with monitoring the online gambling market and would be able to penalize and block sites that do not comply with the regulations.

The manifesto also proposes measures for age verification.

It also calls upon the government to provide free and up-to-date expert resources to help protect people and support learning about online harm and abusive behavior.

The party also seeks for new standards and measures to tackle the spread of gambling through social media platforms to protect the most vulnerable.

In the run up to the General Elections, all major parties have addressed the gambling sector in their manifesto. UK’s Liberal Democrats have called for a ban on gambling with credit cards and have expressed their concerns about the increasing cases of gambling addiction and problem gambling in the country.

The party seeks to restrict the use of credit cards at retail betting shops and also on online gambling sites. They have also called for making it illegal for operators to accept payments through credit cards on their platform.

The Labour Party have called for revising the Gmabing act 2005, while the Conservative party in its manifesto has promised a review of the gambling act.

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