As Japan Plans To Host Casino Resorts, Casino-Related Crimes A Concern

As Japan Plans To Host Casino Resorts, Casino-Related Crimes A Concern

While Japan is all set to host casinos, many in Japan are critical of the move citing reasons including casino-related crimes and gambling addiction which would be there when the casinos start to attract visitors from across the globe.

Speaking to Macau Daily Times, Niall Sean Murray, chairman of the consulting firm Murray International said that “Japan is striving to ensure that the integrated resorts do not bring the criminal behaviors often associated with gambling.”

“They are concerned about ensuring that organized crime, money laundering, and other criminal activities don’t happen.”

“[The authorities] are going to safeguard and ensure that they will do everything possible [to make sure] that this is a positive thing for the economy and that it has minimal negative effects,” he added.

“It’s hard to tell. It depends on the city and depends on what they’re willing to offer and put together. Each city would need a little something different,” Murray said.

“If they don’t have the right partners, I don’t believe they’re going to win the bid because it’s a very political process and working [as an] operator in Japan has a very defined set of processes they have to follow and they need to understand that.”

A recent Jiji opinion survey found that about 60 percent of the Japanese are not in favor of the casino gambling industry and that their major concern is public security.

The majority of people believe that allowing casinos in the country would pose a threat to public security.

The survey found that 57.9 pct of the participants disagreed with the plan, while only 26.6 pct agreed with it.

62.8 percent said they would back the establishment of such a facility in their local areas, while 29.0 pct said they would not.

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