Casino Boss Arrested In Slovakia Over Suspicion Of Money Laundering

Casino Boss Arrested In Slovakia Over Suspicion Of Money Laundering

Slovakia state-owned gambling operator TIPOS is facing investigation over money laundering. Members of Slovakia’s National Criminal Agency (NAKA) conducted a raid on the gambling operator’s office and arrested company’s chief Ján Barczi and IT chief Miloš Prelec.

The duo was seen handcuffed and taken into custody. They are most likely to face a court hearing today.

According to local media reports, the two will face charges of “violations of obligations in the administration of foreign property and legalization of income from crime.”

Both the company as well as the country’s Ministry of Finance, are yet to issue a statement on the raids and what followed.

It is reported that NAKA had received a tip-off about huge sums of money being laundered at the gambling operator’s offices. There were unaccounted funds being deposited in Tipos accounts and were being transferred into private bank accounts. The suspicion arose when the transfers were made without any gambling activity.

Earlier In April 2018, Tipos closed 142 player accounts citing money laundering suspicion. At that point, the gambling operator said that a total of €260k was laundered through these accounts. However, local reports claimed the amount to be close to €20m.

Reportedly the money laundering could have been going on for years. The investigations are ongoing.

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