Fake Online Gambling Site Using Brand ‘Genting’ Busted

Fake Online Gambling Site Using Brand ‘Genting’ Busted

A fake impostor online gambling site using the name of the Malaysian Gambling giant Genting Group and targeting Chinese nationals has been busted by the Chinese agencies.

According to the local media reports, 18 people were arrested in the province of Fujian over charges of running illegal gambling operations. It is alleged that they were involved in running an online gambling business that used the Genting Online brand.

The Police have also frozen over 1,400 bank accounts containing over RMB100m in suspected gambling funds.

Online Gambling is banned in China. In fact, gambling is not allowed on the mainland and is only permitted in the Chinese Territory of Macau which sees many Chinese visitors from the mainland.

China has been strict against gambling and online gambling in particular.

Last week, China took one more crucial step to keep children and vulnerable from exposure to any form of gambling.

According to the country’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism, a new regulation has been introduced to eliminate gambling content from gaming machines and devices.

Following the new regulation in place, gaming machines and devices will be forbidden from having gambling functions, such as maximizing returns with small wagers by setting betting odds. The new regulation also restricts Gambling devices that automatically decide results, such as slot machines.

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