Kenya: Constitutional Report Advocates Shutting Down Private Betting Companies

Kenya: Constitutional Report Advocates Shutting Down Private Betting Companies

A constitutional report which seeks amendments to the constitution in Kenya has advocated for shutting the private gambling and betting industry in the country. The report suggests that regulated gambling should be state-owned.

The Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report calls for eliminating the private betting industry as it “is leading to hopelessness and greater poverty.”

The report also advocates for a national lottery which would be state-sponsored as it would also help with “activities that uplift the youth, sports, culture and other social activities beneficial to citizens.”

As per the constitutional legislative provisions, the changes to any part of the constitution can be made via referendum or through the parliament.

The authorities in Kenya have been harsh on private betting companies. Earlier this year they also suspended licenses of several betting operators and big names like Betin and Betway had to pack up their business amidst regulatory purging.

Earlier in August, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta himself said that he is in for putting a complete ban on gambling in the country.

While the Kenyan Government has gone tough on betting companies operating in the country, the president was explicit in expressing his desire to ban gambling altogether.

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