Japan: Nagasaki Prefecture Confirms Four Operators Interested In A Casino Resort

Japan: Nagasaki Prefecture Confirms Four Operators Interested In A Casino Resort

Nagasaki prefecture in Japan has confirmed that they have four operators who have demonstrated an interest in a casino resort and will be participating in the request-for-concept (RFC) process for the prospective casino resort.

The Integrated Resort will be built on a site in Sasebo city’s Huis Ten Bosch theme park. The Nagasaki officials said that four companies have also agreed to have their names disclosed. They are the gaming operator Casinos Austria International Japan Inc, the Japanese firm Current Corp and Oshidori International Development Ltd.

Currently, there are seven contenders vying to host a casino in Japan. They are Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, a combined effort by Osaka Prefecture and the city of Osaka, Wakayama Prefecture and Nagasaki Prefecture.

Last week Hokakaido pulled out of the race to host a casino in Japan citing environmental concerns.

As Japan is in the process of launching three casinos in the first phase, the government is planning to tax gamblers on their winning. According to the reports the Japanese government is about to withhold taxes on winnings by nonresident foreigners at casinos.

While Japan is studying the tax system, it is already in practice in the United States and South Korea where overseas gamblers are taxed on their gambling winnings.

Following the withholding tax system, the government is also to make it mandatory for casinos to maintain records of chip purchases and win-loss results.

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