Police Seize Machine Gun At An Illegal Gambling Den In Taipei, Two Arrested

Police Seize Machine Gun At An Illegal Gambling Den In Taipei, Two Arrested

Taipei police have confirmed busting a makeshift gambling center operating in the guise of an auto repair shop and car wash facility. The raiding party seized a submachine gun and three pistols and arrested two people.

According to the Taiwan News, a special task force of Miaoli County and Taoyuan City police units arrested a 23-year-old man surnamed Lin and a 22-year-old man surnamed Chen for possessing four illegal firearms.

The raid unfolded after the police started tracking the duo over suspicion of arms trafficking. The Criminal Investigation Division officers had a suspicion that the two were trafficking illegal guns and drugs and were also involved in illegal gambling activities.

Following disciplined surveillance, the raid was executed at a two-story luxury imported car repair shop and car wash which was basically an underground casino.

Earlier in April, Cracking down on illegal gambling sites, the Taiwan police raided locations in the capital Taipei’s Taichung area and had arrested 43 people over illegal online gambling charges.

Gambling In Taiwan

Gambling is illegal in Taiwan. It is prohibited by the Criminal Code of the Republic of China. Only Lottery games that are state-run are allowed. Though Taiwan legalized casino gambling at some Islands back in 2009, no project has come to fruition so far.

With technology invading the regulatory restrictions, illegal gambling has become rampant with more and more unauthorized online gambling sites targeting Taiwanese customers.

Increasing Liability For Online Gambling

The online gambling scene in Taiwan is messy. It is not allowed but is not criminalized as well which means illegal gambling websites and online gamblers have a legal loophole to exploit.

Recently, the Taiwanese Government awoke to a realization that online gambling is behind many “social and family problems” in the country and so it needs to do something.

Making changes to Articles 266 and 270 of Taiwan’s Criminal Code the government confirmed to “add criminal liability for gambling with the use of telecommunications equipment, electronic communications, the internet or other similar means”.

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