Something’s Not Right, Cardinals Cornerback Josh Shaw Challenges NFL’s Suspension Order

Something's Not Right, Cardinals Cornerback Josh Shaw Challenges NFL’s Suspension Order

Arizona Cardinals cornerback Josh Shaw has challenged the NFL’s decision, he finds suspension over betting charges unjust.

The ESPN reported on Tuesday that the suspended cornerback has appealed against the league’s decision. Yesterday was the deadline and Shaw decided to go for it. Well, he was neither early nor too late, at least this time.

On Friday last week, to the shock of many NFL fans and players, the league announced Shaw’s suspension for the current and entire 2020 season. The cornerback would be able to have reinstatement on Feb. 15, 2021.

While the league did not publicly disclose the details of the charges against Shaw a previously surfaced ESPN report alleged that Shaw bet against his team at a Caesars sportsbook in Las Vegas on Nov. 10 when Cardinals were playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It was reported that Shaw bet on the Bucs.

For this NFL season, Shaw has been in the injured reserve of Arizona Cardinals and has not been on the ground as a part of the team.

NFL Strict With Betting

The NFL has been strict against betting. However, after the US Supreme Court legalized sports gambling last year, as it repealed controversial PASPA allowing states to offer sports betting, NFL made changes to its gambling policy.

The NFL policy makes it clear that any NFL personnel including layers are strictly prohibited from betting on any of the league’s games.

Just When You Thought NFL Was Softening Its Stand On Sports Betting

To many, it seemed that the NFL was coming to terms with the US sports betting market which has been taking quantum leaps in recent months.

NFL’s recent partnership with Sportradar provided all the more reason to believe that it is not sternly opposed to “betting” after all. In August this year, the NFL partnered with Sportradar allowing the company to have access to NFL’s official data and also the right to sell the data for betting purposes.

Following the deal, it was not surprising that the NFL also allowed Redskins to offer preseason gambling-focused telecast of their games

First Suspension Over Betting Since 1983

Shaw’s suspension is one of its kind in the NFL in the past 30 years. Back in 1983, Baltimore Colts quarterback Art Schlichter was banned for the entire season. Schlichter was allowed to join the coming season. reports that Shaw cracked a one-year contract with the Cardinals for $895,000 plus an additional $95,000 in bonuses. Arizona Cardinals still have four games to play in the season.

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