Lawmakers Demand Royal Commission On Sports Betting And Online Gambling

Lawmakers Demand Royal Commission On Sports Betting And Online Gambling

Gambling addiction in Australia is on the rise, and consumer protection levels in the country’s online gambling sector are at its lowest levels, claim several critics of the expanding gambling regime.

Campaigning to ensure better standards of consumer protection and to expose the illegal practices of overseas online gambling websites, Federal MP Andrew Wilkie and Reverend Tim Costello have demanded a Royal Commission into gambling and sports betting industry, reports ABC News Australia.

“Gamblers use these sites in good faith, assuming they’re playing an honest game,” Mr. Wilkie said. “But if this allegation is correct, then gamblers are being cheated.

“Not only should we have a royal commission very broadly into gambling generally, including casinos, of course, but now into sports betting as well.”

“The picture’s pretty clear that the gambling industry in this country is pretty rotten. Any sort of national inquiry should look at all aspects of it, including sports betting.” He had also demanded a royal commission into Crown Resorts after a whistleblower released a CCTV footage where it could be seen that stacks of cash were being hoarded to avoid tax obligations.

Furious about the current state of affairs of the country’s gambling industry, Reverend Costello told ABC News that, “Only a royal commission will get to the central question: How has Australia ended up with the biggest gambling losses per head in the world?”

House Always Wins

Technology has only made it easier for casino operators to dupe customers through cleaner innovative means.

ABC News alleged in a report quoting a former Bet365 customer account supervisor that the operator had deployed fraudulent tactics to prey upon the winning punters.

Former Bet365 customer account supervisor James Poppleton told the ABC in an exclusive interview that the betting agency has a set of secret tactics that target winning punters.

Poppleton said: “You can’t win, those that win are stopped. Those that lose are exploited, and then they develop cheating techniques as well.”

The Australian news agency has also claimed to have procured a “series of documents from inside Bet365” which it says show how the betting operator limits big betting.

However, Bet365 denied claims and said that their services were entirely in compliance with “its published terms and conditions and all applicable laws and regulations.”

Foreign-based Online Gambling Websites Banned

The majority of the frauds with customers happen when they are betting on foreign-based online gambling websites.

Recently, the Australian Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) ordered Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to block all illegal online gambling websites targeting Australian customers after a number of cases emerged in which customers were denied their winnings.

Though reportedly 65 illegal companies have pulled out of the Australian market since 2017 since the ACMA began to tighten its noose around online gambling companies it remains to be seen how effective the latest ban on online gambling sites proves.

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