Mobile Sports Betting Will Fuel Gambling Addiction In New York: Experts

Mobile Sports Betting Will Fuel Gambling Addiction In New York: Experts

As New York is looking forward to legalizing mobile sports betting, New Jersey addiction experts have warned state officials that it could fuel gambling addiction at an alarming rate.

According to a recent report by the Council on Compulsive Gambling, the number of calls reporting compulsive sports gambling issues received by the New Jersey’s gambling hotline has almost doubled since sports betting was legalized in the state in June 2018.

While the sports betting market is expanding, it has also led to an increase in the number of gambling addiction cases.

Most of the studies to assess the increase n gambling addiction in the garden state blame it on online betting. An overwhelming 84 percent of the bettors in New Jersey take the online route.

The state spends about $650,000 annually to create awareness about responsible gambling through adverts and dedicated campaigns.

Earlier in the year, the New York State Gaming Commission allowed four privately held casinos in the state to offer mobile sports betting. While mobile betting was also on the table, it was not included in the state budget.

What Proponents Of Mobile Sports Betting Say

While there have been concerns about mobile sports betting triggering gambling addiction, there is also strong support in favor of legalizing online sports betting regardless.

The proponents of mobile sports betting claim that because a majority of the bets are placed online, there is no point legalizing only sports betting in-person at land-based gambling facilities. They say it would keep the state from taking in optimum revenue.

Senator Joseph Addabbo who has been very much in support of legalizing mobile sports betting had registered his discontent on not including online betting in the state budget earlier this year.

He said that it was just like sitting on the sidelines and letting the money drain out of the state. The senator gave a random estimate of $90 million in taxes from regulated online sports betting.

Meanwhile, in New Jersey, officials are struggling to meet the funding requirements to tackle the increasing gambling addiction which they blame is because of mobile sports betting.

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