Montana Lottery Begins Sports Betting Licensing Process

Montana Lottery Begins Sports Betting Licensing Process

Montana is a step closer to launching its sports betting product. Montana Lottery has announced that it is accepting applications for licenses allowing operators to offer the new sports gambling product – Sports Bet Montana.

Earlier in the year in May, the state legislature legalized sports betting, and Montana Lottery was tasked with monitoring and offering sports betting in the state.

The gambling authority has already designed the new product. It also held a public consultation seeking views and opinions about the prospective sports betting operations in the state.

Following the public consultation on sports betting, last week, the new regulations regarding sports betting were published in the state’s Administrative Register. Now the state lottery has announced that it is ready to accept applications from interested operators.

Sports Betting Licensing Process

The Licensing process is the first step towards the “executive” part of launching sports betting in the state. The operators seeking a sports betting license will have to meet the specific criteria set out by the gambling regulator.

The locations which meet those requirements can apply by visiting the State of Montana’s eStop licensing portal.

Once the locations are shortlisted, the operators would be provided with training and will have Sports Bet Montana equipment installed at the site.

Players in Monata would be able to wager only at licensed venues, and a mobile app will keep them updated about the upcoming events, betting lines, and ongoing contests. However, betting will only be permitted at Sports Bet Montana terminals. If a player is to wager through the mobile app, it should be connected with the central lottery system.

What’s Next

After the licensing process is complete, Montana will join thirteen other US states which have already launched sports betting operations following the US Supreme Court’s order legalizing sports gambling last year.

However, the Sports betting offering in Montana is slightly different from typical offerings in other states. It has a specific ‘Sports Bet Montana” product designed by the state lottery, and private licensees would offer the same.

While full-scale sports betting operations, including mobile sports betting, is on the table, there is still a long way to go.

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