Police Arrest 23 Chinese Nationals, Illegal Online Gambling Den Busted In Sabah, Malaysia

Police Arrest 23 Chinese Nationals, Illegal Online Gambling Den Busted In Sabah, Malaysia

Police in the Malaysian province of Sabah busted an illegal online gambling ring arresting 23 Chinese nationals in a raid. The online gambling ring had its base in China but the operations were being handled in Malaysia.

The police conducted a raid on a condominium in Penampang based on the previous information and ongoing investigations.

Sabah deputy police commissioner Datuk Zaini Jass said that the suspects are aged between 20 and 30.
“Based on information and investigation, we raided a unit in the condominium and found six men engaged in the operation.

“We believe the house has become a call center for the gambling activities and among the items seized were 25 laptops and 55 mobile phones,” the police chief told the press.

Two separate raids followed after the two prime suspects revealed more information about the illegal gambling ring.

“Ten Chinese nationals were found lazing around the house and another seven comprising four men and three women also from China were found in another unit during the raids.

“Sixteen suspects held valid passports while the rest failed to show any documents,“ he added.

Upon investigation, it was found that all suspects had come to Sabah in early December.

Investigations revealed that all of them had just arrived in Sabah earlier this month and were believed to have been engaged in the activity for the past few days.

When asked if the case was linked to other similar cases and the recently busted china-based online gambling rings, the police chief said that they “have experts to determine what activities they were doing and based on a number of things including the seized laptop, we believe they were conducting online gambling.”

Rampant Illegal Online Gambling

Malaysia is battling rampant illegal online gambling. In November, the Malaysian Immigration Department busted a massive foreign online gambling ring arresting 680 China nationals in a raid at a building in Cyberjaya. In the raid, the police also seized 8,230 cellphones, 174 portable computers, and 787 computers.

Earlier in October as well, the Malaysian Police had arrested 247 Chinese nationals involved in illegal online gambling operations.

Following the raids, both Malaysia and China promised enhanced cooperation to tackle cyber crimes and cross-border online gambling.

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