Macau Gambling Regulator Says No Facial Recognition Technology In Casinos For Now

Macau Gambling Regulator Says No Facial Recognition Technology In Casinos For Now

Macau’s gambling regulator the DICJ has said that it is not looking to release guidelines for casino operators to install facial recognition systems at gambling facilities to keep unwanted people away from casino floors.

GGRAsia reports that the city’s Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau has no intention to issue any specific guideline to “request the casino operators to use facial recognition systems to assist in enforcing a ban on local casino workers entering casinos outside work hours.”

The gambling regulator also said that. “ If the casino operators want to use new technology to assist in the detection, they must ensure that the operation [of it] must strictly adhere to the data protection laws and regulations of Macau, and must be carried out solely for the protection of people’s life and property.”

Melco Ready To Install Gantries With Facial Recognition Technology At Casino Entry Points

Recently, speaking at the sidelines of the recently concluded Global Gaming Expo (G2E) Asia in Manila, Avery Palos, senior vice president and chief information officer of Melco Resorts said they have gantry systems equipped with facial recognition cameras “ready to be deployed when we have a jurisdiction that says that’s what they want.”

However, it seems that Melco will have to wait since the gambling regulator has clearly said that it is not in the mood to allow gambling operators in the city to install facial recognition systems.

The gambling regulator had earlier said that facial recognition systems would be permitted only for security purposes. It also imposed restrictions on deploying such security cameras which were not approved by the gambling regulator.

Macau’s casinos have also come under scrutiny after a Bloomberg report claimed that the casinos are using AI-based facial recognition technology to process the way customers behave at the betting table to determine their appetite for risk.

However, the city’s gambling regulator has rubbished all such claims and following an inspection, it claimed that facial recognition systems are for security purposes only.

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