Illegal Gambling Den Busted In India’s Financial Capital Mumbai, 93 Arrested

Illegal Gambling Den Busted In India’s Financial Capital Mumbai, 93 Arrested

According to the latest coming in from India’s financial capital Mumbai, there has been a massive crackdown on an illegal gambling den which has led to the arrest of 93 suspects.

The police have confirmed the Press Trust of India that they have arrested 93 people in connection with an illegal gambling den which was operating in Thane, Mumbai. An official of Mumbai police said that the illegal gambling activities were run through a club operated by one Ananta Mitra Mandal. The illegal club was operating from an undisclosed location near the Thane railway station.

Apart from the arrests, the police seized INR 1,92,180 (approx $3,000) at the site.

Gambling is illegal in India with certain exceptions depending upon the jurisdiction.

The arrest of two people who have been alleged to be the masterminds running the show – Abdul Rab Khan and Vijay Harawadekar – has also been confirmed.

While further investigations are underway, those arrested have been booked under sections of the country’s Anti-Gambling Act.

Illegal Gambling In India

Gambling in India is mostly illegal with exceptions of certain jurisdictions where certain forms of gambling are allowed with reasonable restrictions – for example, casino gambling is legal in Goa and so is fantasy sports betting.

While gambling is restricted, illegal gambling is rampant in the country. There are organized illegal syndicates offering a range of gambling and betting products to cater to punters from all economic segments. Some illegal but organized gambling operations are locally known as Matka, Fatafat amongst others.

Cricket betting is also popular and billions are wagered illegally on cricket matches every year. Earlier in the year in June, during the Indian Premier League, a Mumbai cop was arrested for his alleged involvement in an illegal gambling ring.

Recently, India’s cricketing board BCCI’s Anti-Corruption Unit chief Ajit Singh Shekhawat proposed legalization of betting and sports gambling as well as “introducing a match-fixing law to combat the growing menace of corruption dampening the Indian cricket scene.”

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