Swedish Gambling Operator ATG In Hot Waters Over Allowing Unauthorised Betting

Swedish Gambling Operator ATG In Hot Waters Over Allowing Unauthorised Betting

Swedish gambling operator ATG is once again in trouble with the country’s gambling inspectorate, Spelinspektionen. Sweden’s gambling watchdog has issued explicit warnings to ATG for allowing betting on unregistered horse race tracks.

The warning came after the gambling operator self-reported to have allowed players to place bets on unregistered horse race tracks. In an apology, the ATG said that it had not been able to register the agents with the gambling authority before it accepted their bets.

The gambling watchdog found that the act of allowing betting from unregistered agents was a violation of the country’s anti-money laundering laws and the Gaming Act.

On the warning, the gambling regulator said that the “ATG has stated that they take a serious look at what has happened and that they have now reviewed the procedure for registering agents and have taken measures to ensure that games through agents are provided only when registration has been granted by the Gaming Inspectorate.

“ATG has also reported its wrongdoing to the Gaming Inspection itself. In addition, the violation took place for a limited time. In a joint assessment, the Gaming Inspectorate, therefore, considers that the intervention may stay on a warning.”

In response, an ATG representative said that they respect the gambling regulator’s decision. He added that the company accepts the mistake and has apologized.

“Now we have changed the routines to prevent it from happening again. We were wrong,” he added.

Troubles For ATG Not New

This is not the first time ATG has come under the radar of the gambling authority. In October, the gambling regulator dropped investigations against the operator following allegations of allowing betting on football games which involved underage players.

Betting on games involving those under the age of 18 is prohibited under the Swedish gambling regulations. Four companies along with ATG were fined, but following investigations the gambling regulator gave them a clean chit.

Recently, to up its reputation, the company joined the International Betting Integrity Association.

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