Malaysia: Hundreds Charged For Violation Of Immigration Laws Over Involvement In Illegal Online Gambling Activities

Malaysia: Hundreds Charged For Violation Of Immigration Laws Over Involvement In Illegal Online Gambling Activities

Malaysian authorities are all out against illegal online gambling and cybercriminals that more than often involve Chinese nationals.

Last month, in a massive operation, cracking down on an illegal online gambling and scam center the Malaysian authorities detained about 700 people of which the majority were Chinese nationals except for one Bangladeshi national.

The arrested have pleaded guilty to have violated the country’s immigration laws. Those charged will be serving prison sentences and several others would be sent back to China.

On November 20, Malaysian police conducted a raid on the cyber-tech town of Cyberjaya, near Kuala Lumpur busting an online gambling syndicate.

The immigration police arrested about 700 Chinese nationals. The arrests followed after the police busted the illegal centre which was operating as a call-center but actually targeting people in China with online investment frauds.

On Monday and Friday, over 500 of those arrested were charged by the Sepang Sessions Court in Selangor state for violating the immigration laws of the country. Many were also charged for entering the country without having the relevant documentation and for many their entry permits had expired.

“All of them, including the Bangladeshi, paid their fines after the court proceedings and as [part of] our procedures, they will be deported home,” attorney V. Kasthuri Bai, the head of the prosecution team in the case, told BenarNews.

Also, many have not been charged due to a lack of evidence. These people would be deported to China.

Illegal Gambling Rampant In Malaysia

Gambling is banned in Malaysia. However, there have been several illegal gambling syndicates operating in the country. The majority of them happen to be targeting customers in China.

Recently, in October in a drive against illegal gambling, Malaysian police arrested about 250 people over the course of two weeks. All suspects were connected to China-facing online gambling operations.

In order to up its efforts in addressing the growing menace of illegal gambling in the country, recently, Malaysia also signed a bilateral cooperation deal with the Chinese government to tackle cyber crimes and cross-border online gambling.

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