Thai Immigration Officials Revoke Visas Of Three South Korean Bookies

Thai Immigration Officials Revoke Visas Of Three South Korean Bookies

Thailand being a global tourist destination has visitors from all across the globe but not necessarily for tourism – some have ulterior motives.

The Thai immigration officials have revoked the Visas of three South Korean nationals. The trio was arrested over charges of illegal online gambling earlier in October.

The three South Korean men were running an illegal online gambling website in the country. The center of the operation was in Thailand but the target customers of this nefarious design were mostly Koreans back home.

In an announcement on Monday, Thailand’s immigration Bureau confirmed that the Visas of the three has been suspended and that the authorities have already initiated the process to deport the accused.

The three people whose Visas have been revoked are identified only as Lee, 51, Choi, 52, and Noh, 51. It was on October 21, that the three were caught at a McDonald’s outlet at the Lotus supermarket on Rama III Road.

It has also been found that the three arrested men were wanted on Interpol-issued arrest warrants. While South Korea is strict with gambling and money laundering, the authorities in the country have already been seeking the prosecution of the three accused of their involvement in running a Thailand-based website called “” The illegal online gambling website would target people in South Korea.

According to the Investigation reports, the illegal online gambling website was functional between October 2018 to February 2019. It is estimated that the operators made about $2 million targeting Korean customers.

The three have reportedly confessed to their crime.

Illegal Gambling On The Rise In Thailand

Gambling is banned in Thailand; however, illegal gambling is rampant and on the rise. A recent survey conducted by the Research Centre for Social and Business Development found that the number of people who are involved with some form of gambling has risen by 1.5 million in the past two years.

Recently, 19 Chinese nationals were arrested by Thai authorities on charges of illegal gambling in Pattaya. Those arrested were operating an illegal gambling ring targeting customers in China.

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