Three Killed In Shooting At Emerald City Casino In Great Falls, Montana

Three Killed In Shooting At Emerald City Casino In Great Falls, Montana

A shooting at a casino in Montana has left three dead and one injured.

According to the reports coming in shooting on Tuesday night at the Emerald City Casino in Great Falls has taken three lives. The shooting is reported to have taken place at around 2 am.

The police have confirmed that the perpetrator has been identified and shot down. The officials confirmed that the shooter was tracked and killed following the incident.

The information has been confirmed by the Great Falls Police Department.

The police have also said that they came across the bodies of three victims as they entered the casino. Following which they searched for the shooter. The search lasted for three hours. Eventually, the suspect was found in a residential neighbourhood about a mile away and was killed by the police forces in the scuffle.

In its statement to the press, the police have said that the shooter was killed at about 5:45 in the morning, almost three and a half hours after the shooting at the casino.

The police have also ruled out any possibility of a danger to the public.

The injured has been rushed to the hospital and is recovering from injuries at Benefis Hospital. The Associated Press reports that the hospital staff is still verifying if the information about the injuries of the person can be released to the press.

Investigations are underway. This is a developing story.

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