Delaware Gaming Revenue Up 53 Percent In November

Delaware Gaming Revenue Up 53 Percent In November

Casinos in Delaware have reported a strong performance for the month of November after revenues dropped to its lowest in October.

According to the figures released by the gambling regulator, gambling operators in Delaware have grossed a total of $376,331 in revenue. The figure also represents the second-best month for the casino gambling industry in the country.

It is a very strong recovery after last month in October the casinos in Delaware posted their lowest revenue in the year. In October, Delaware casinos generated $246,092.

In November the market revenue jumped 52.9% month-on-month. The best performance in 2019 was in September when the casinos reported total revenue of $384,820.

In October, the total player spending was recorded at $12.4 million. It was the highest in the year so far. While in October the casinos reported player spending of $9.8 million, in September – which was the highest-grossing month for casinos – the player spending was $11.8 million.

Player winnings in November was $12.0 million.

Table games remain the most popular when it comes to online gaming. Table games chipped in $74,220 in revenue. Players spent $7.8 million on online table games.

Dover Downs was the top-grossing operator with $147,484 in revenue. The gambling operator’s revenue was up by 244.6% month-on-month. Players spent about 11 percent more than what they had spent with the operator in October.

Harrington Raceway followed Dovers Down. The gambling operator grossed $119,926 in revenue. November was also the best month of the year so far for the operator. The figure represents a 55.4% month-on-month increase in revenue. Player spending with the operator was also up 66.0% to $1.9m

Delaware Park remained at the third-spot. Though player spending increased 35.7 percent when compared with the previous month, the operator reported a 13.6% month-on-month decline in November revenue.

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