Finnish Gambling Monopoly Veikkaus To Introduce New Responsible Gambling Measures

Finnish Gambling Monopoly Veikkaus To Introduce New Responsible Gambling Measures

Finland’s state-run gambling monopoly Veikkaus has pledged to introduce new responsible gambling measures in 2020.
The gambling operator has also said that new responsible gaming measures that would impact its operating strategy could make a dent in its earnings. Veikkaus has said that it estimates the decline to be approximately €50 million.

The new measures have been approved by the company’s board of directors. The new strategy to be implemented in 2020 includes reducing the number of slot machines. The gambling operator will reduce the number of slot machines by about 3,500. Veikkaus had also announced it earlier they will be downgrading the number of slot machines it operates in the country.

The company will also ensure stricter implementation of mandatory identification for all those who play slot machines and table games. It has also announced to promote messages of responsible gambling measures.

“Responsible gaming measures have been planned and will continue to be numerous in the coming year,” Veikkaus’ director of responsibility Pekka Ilmivalta said.

“We will be involved in the planning of this work, for example, with those dealing with gambling problems, as well as with addiction experts.”

From the coming year onwards, the gambling monopoly will also make changes to how it shares its financial figures. The company will start revealing the profit it generates from specific gambling activities and also share the winnings it pays to the players.

It has also pledged to be consistent with the International Financial Reporting Standard. The company has said that it will follow the model used by Sweden’s state-owned gambling monopoly Svenska Spel.

Veikkaus has been embroiled in controversies and has been facing allegations of not doing enough to promote responsible gambling and therefore, fuelling gambling addiction.

However, responding to the allegations Veikkaus, in August, confirmed that they would be creating an internal Ethics council.

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