Illegal Online Gambling Website Appearing To Be A Sands China Affiliate Busted

Illegal Online Gambling Website Appearing To Be A Sands China Affiliate Busted

Illegal online gambling sites have been targeting customers in Taiwan exploiting a legal loophole in the local gambling laws.

Recently, Taiwan’s cyber police busted an illegal online gambling website that was operating as a Sands China – a casino operator in Macau and a Chinese subsidiary of US-based Las Vegas Sands – affiliate.

The telecom division of Taiwan’s Criminal Investigation Bureau(CIB) confirmed that they have busted the illegal online gambling website and announced the arrest of 29 people involved in operating and managing the site. The site targeted customers in mainland China and other neighboring countries.

The police said that they had received a tip following which a raid was conducted at an office complex in Taichung City. The police seized 57 computers, 102 monitors, 12 mobile phones along with several bank cards and about US$20k in multiple different currencies.

The investigative agency said that one of the suspects named Chen Nan was the mastermind behind the online gambling ring. Chen has allegedly developed and operated about 30 illegal gambling sites.

Illegal Gambling In Taiwan

Gambling is illegal in Taiwan, however, the country is battling with illegal online gambling. Recently, the government citing online gambling to be behind many “social and family problems” in the country announced to amend Articles 266 and 270 of Taiwan’s Criminal Code.

The amendment would “add criminal liability for gambling with the use of telecommunications equipment, electronic communications, the internet or other similar means”.

In April this year, Taiwan authorities had arrested 43 people in connection with illegal online gambling operations. The suspects were involved in operating illegal online gambling sites that have wagers to the tune of NT$100 million (US$3.2 million) per month.

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