Nevada Gambling Regulators Respond, Assert Jurisdiction To Discipline Former Wynn Resorts CEO

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Nevada gambling regulators want former Wynn Resorts CEO Steve Wynn out of the gambling industry and also impose sanctions on the casino mogul. Steve Wynn had to resign as Wynn Resorts’ CEO last year when allegations of sexual misconduct was reported by the Wall Street Journal.

Recently when the Nevada gambling regulators took Wynn to court, the Wynn’s attorneys claimed that the regulators in Nevada had no jurisdiction to impose sanctions on Steve Wynn, now that he has disassociated himself with the company.

His attorneys also claimed that the gaming regulators have no authority as their client is no longer involved with the state’s gambling industry.

The Nevada Gaming Commission had earlier fined Wynn resorts $20 million.

Commenting on the hearing to decide the ‘jurisdiction’ issue, Wynn’s attorney said that they are going to the (state) Supreme Court to challenge the state gambling regulator’s jurisdiction.

Steev Wynn has categorically denied all allegations against him.

“Mr. Wynn has no intention to re-enter gaming in Nevada or anywhere else in the world. None”

“To be blunt, there is nothing for the commission to revoke,” Wynn’s attorney said.

Recently, the Nevada gambling regulators had called for ousting Steve Wynn from the casino gambling industry.

Wynn’s attorney’s have submitted a 19-page document in response to the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s decision to impose sanctions on Wynn.

In the document submitted, Wynn’s attorneys challenge the legitimacy of the gaming board to impose restrictions on their client Steve Wynn, by invoking the jurisdiction question.

The document detailed that since Steve Wynn does not own any property and also does not hold any position in the company in Nevada, the gambling regulator is not in the capacity of imposing any sanctions.

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