Cracking Down On Illegal Gambling Dallas Police Seizes 21 Gambling Machines

Cracking Down On Illegal Gambling Dallas Police Seizes 21 Gambling Machines

Illegal gambling is certainly a threat and has kept law enforcement on their feet. On Friday Dallas police launched a crackdown on illegal gambling.

A search warrant was executed at the Mug & Mouse Adult Arcade/Entertainment business located at 11441 North Stemmons Freeway. The entire operation was a joint effort of the Dallas Police Department, the Vice Unit and SWAT Team.

The officials have confirmed that the Vice Unit had received several complaints following which a search warrant was executed. Acting on the complaints the police along with the Swat team conducted a raid.

The police have said that upon the receipt of the complaints they launched an investigation. While investigating the officers and detectives were able to ascertain what would have led to the complaints.

And it was after the preliminary investigations which indicated at something illegal going on at the said premises the police could secure a search warrant which was completed and also authorized by a competent magistrate’s office.

Revealing the details of what followed the police have said that in the raids the Vice unit busted an illegal makeshift gambling facility. The police have also seized a total of 21 gambling machines installed illegally at the facility.

The police also seized a firearm and $16,159.00 in cash amongst other gaming equipment used to gamble.

Despite regulated gambling, illegal gambling is rampant in the US and leads to dampening of state tax revenue to a significant extent.

Several proponents of gambling and sports betting legalization in the US have cited illegal gambling as one of the reasons to legalize gambling so that the state could benefit from the tax proceeds.

However, it has been noted that the majority of the illegal gambling facilities are thriving in jurisdictions that have not expanded their gambling regime.

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