Illegal Online Gambling Ring Busted, 28 Arrested In Ontario, Canada

Illegal Online Gambling Ring Busted, 28 Arrested In Ontario, Canada

Law Enforcement agencies have busted an illegal online gambling ring operated by the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club in Ontario, Canada. The police have confirmed that they have made 28 arrests in connection with the illegal online gambling ring. A total of 18 law enforcement agencies had been at work to nab those behind the illegal operations.

The Ontario Provincial Police has said in a release that they have taken in 28 people on 228 offences as part of Project HOBART. The law enforcement has served several search warrants on multiple different properties across Ontario and has seized guns, drugs, body armour, gold and even $1.7 million in cash.

The investigations which started against murders, arson, extortion threats, shootings, and assaults from August of 2017 into May of 2018, the police found the illegal online gambling activity as it was investigating a “land-based” gaming house in Mississauga.

The police have said that they could identify five sophisticated illegal gaming websites -Ultimate SB, Titan SB, PlaytoWin SB, Privada SB, and Players SB, that were all sports betting pages. The police say that the websites had pulled in approximately $13 million in revenue in just seven months.

“The investigation suggests the sportsbooks have been in operation for more than five years and have brought in gross revenues of more than $131 million,” the police said in its release.

During the search warrants executed last week, police seized the following:

– Financial accounts holding a total of more than $1.2 million
– 18 vehicles, including luxury and vintage automobiles, three Harley Davidson motorcycles, two snowmobiles, and two golf carts
– More than $1.7 million in cash
– Multiple gold and silver coins and bars valued at $320,000
– Several high-end luxury watches and jewellery valued at $303,000
– A total of 21 firearms, including nine illegal handguns, six rifles, three shotguns, and three other handguns
Hells Angels motorcycle gang “colours”
– Two conducted energy weapons
– Several ballistic vests

“Criminal organizations and the hallmarks of their illegal enterprises — gun violence, deaths, assaults, and the extraordinary amount of money that fuel further criminal acts — continue to threaten public safety,” said OPP Commissioner Thomas Carrique in the release.

“Police and partner agencies will continue to fully collaborate and aggressively target the ring leaders, their associates, and their lavish criminal lifestyle to make our cities and towns safer.”

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